Medicaid Spend Down, Ticket-to-Work and Other Medicaid Premium Assistance Programs

The Camden County Senate Bill 40 Board (aka Camden County Developmental Disability Resources – “CCDDR”) may be able to assist in paying Medicaid spend-down, Ticket-to-Work program, and other Medicaid premiums. The program was developed in order to ensure critical support services are not interrupted due to a financial hardship. To be eligible, the individual for whom assistance is being requested (hereafter referred to as “the individual”) must be participating in a Medicaid Waiver program, and Medicaid-paid support services must be a critical component to achieving successful outcomes established in the person’s Individual Support Plan (ISP). There is a limited amount of available funds; therefore, participation in the program may be restricted or limited due to budgetary constraints, and the overall amount of funds available could change at any time. Any individual’s or all individuals’ participation may be terminated if CCDDR’s available funding is reduced.

How it Works

An individual or individual’s guardian applies for assistance. CCDDR staff will determine eligibility by reviewing the individual’s current ISP, support services (including support coordination), and verifying the hardship. Proof of household income will be needed to determine the financial hardship. CCDDR staff may request additional information related to the individual and/or the household in order to determine eligibility. If determined eligible to receive assistance and CCDDR funds are available, the client or guardian will sign an agreement with CCDDR. A copy of the monthly invoice received from MO Healthnet MUST then be submitted in a timely fashion to the client’s support coordinator to ensure payments can be processed. Payments are made directly to MO Healthnet. CCDDR cannot process the payment without the monthly invoice.